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smallholding / приусадебный участок, мелкое хозяйство
имя существительное
приусадебный участок
smallholding, croft, erf
мелкое хозяйство
имя существительное
an agricultural holding smaller than a farm.
Some 20 years ago Midrand was an agricultural zone, with smallholdings and farmlands.
She's going to interview us for a programme about smallholding to be broadcast on Saturday 27th August (you can also listen on line, live and after the event).
These small wineries have a great deal to offer in terms of the effort, skill and personal commitment they have invested in their own smallholding .
This has made it the principal traditional family smallholding crop of choice.
The book which arose from the author's series on TV that touches on living in the country, cookery, self-sufficiency, food gathering and smallholding .
We've also decided to take something of a sabbatical from smallholding next year, to allow us to concentrate on other things.
cooperation with neighbors is the key to successful smallholding
cooperation with neighbours is the key to successful smallholding
By the 1980s unemployment and poverty could no longer be externalized to the homelands, and remnant smallholding could no longer give a majority of African people either significant income or social support.
Thus began the popular tradition in which Hamilton was branded as an elitist, a friend to the wealthy and parasitical instead of to the little man, the farmer, the smallholder .
Nafta is also said to have put 250,000 maize farmers in Mexico out of work, their smallholdings no match for the industrial farms of the American Midwest.