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small-town / маленький город, городишко
имя существительное
маленький город
small town
small town
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or characteristic of a small town, especially as considered to be unsophisticated or petty.
small-town gossip
The kind of small-town hostility to European monarchies comically depicted by Mark Twain then bestrode the world stage.
The idea was to give up the pubs and clubs, and save our money to see the world, to experience different cultures and broaden our small-town minds.
The lives and relationships it evoked were lonely, oppressively small-town and laced with desperation.
The Rock is fittingly cast as the small-town sheriff who endeavours to turn his wayward town straight.
Although none of her duties are unwomanly, Enid's nursing threatens the conventions of small-town life.
He is simply what so many other small-town politicians are across America: men and women.
I asked her to imagine her ‘interpretation’ in the context of small-town gossip.
Hey that was back when I went to the local small-town one-screener with friends.
We know we're just a coupla pip-squeak small-town astrologers, Cancer.
It's not surprising, given this small-town , isolated community that taking a stand on any issue is a risk.