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slush / слякоть, шуга, грязь
имя существительное
slush, mud, slob, slosh, slop
slush, frazil, slosh
mud, dirt, sludge, filth, grime, slush
grease, lubricate, smear, oil, anoint, slush
обрызгать грязью
mire, muddy, slush
имя существительное
partially melted snow or ice.
the snow was turning into brown slush in the gutters
excessive sentiment.
the slush of Hollywood's romantic fifties films
make a squelching or splashing sound.
there was water slushing around in the galley
Every season brings in different surprises but the most disgusting to the garage is that which carries with it rain, mud, slush and grime.
In April the snow started melting, and in May there was rain and slush , the snow disappeared and there were glimpses of sun.
Fess waded through the ankle-deep coating of snow and slush around the 18-wheeler.
In this story a bird is sent down to earth to dry out some of the mud in the primordial slush so that islands can be formed for the Ainu.
And then I thought, ‘Oh great, spring, I remember, that's when they replace the piles of slush with piles of mud and it's a big rainy mess.’
From high - school reimaginings of Shakespeare to romantic gross-out comedies and back, they vary wildly in quality from zippy, witty fun to indigestible slush .
Well, we don't do mud, we just make them crawl around in the dust and grime on the ground from the mud left over or the snow slush left over or whatever.
the slush of Hollywood's romantic fifties films
Then, in a flurry of snow and slush , the Christmas holiday was over, and the long drive toward Boston had begun.
Yes, the holiday season is here complete with kiddie fodder that is virtually unwatchable for anyone over the age of 10 and mawkish slush about the joy of the family.