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slurp / чавкать, хлебать
slurp, chomp, champ, munch, chaw
slurp, sup, take a sip
eat or drink (something) with a loud sloppy sucking noise.
she slurped her coffee
имя существительное
a loud sucking sound made while eating or drinking.
she drank it down with a loud slurp
He took a slurp from his schooner and dug his fork into a chunk of fish.
The pair was silent except for the barely audible slurp as he drank his wine.
Thick white noodles with water chestnuts, broccoli and beansprouts came in the lightest of soy sauces, with only the slightest hint of ginger, making for an uneventful slurp .
he took a noisy slurp of his beer
she drank it down with a loud slurp
Nyx gritted her teeth and took a slurp out of her drink.
Kyle finished his drink with a big slurp , and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
she drank it down with a loud slurp
The last noodles disappear with a slurp and the spoon is left to clatter to the table.
There was a crack and a slurp as she opened the beer, took a long pull, and passed it to me.