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slumber / сон, дремота
имя существительное
sleep, dream, sleeping, slumber, rest, repose
nap, slumber, drowsiness, dormancy, doze, somnolence
doze, nap, slumber, drowse, nod
sleep, bed, rest, be asleep, slumber, do
имя существительное
a sleep.
scaring folk from their slumbers
Sleeping Beauty slumbered in her forest castle
She drifted back down to sleep, the warmth felt like slumber .
She relived her experience in her sleep every time she dared to slumber , and her nights were becoming progressively worse.
I want to sleep next to you, so that in slumber I will be holding you and keeping you safe, so that you will never be afraid again.
I was there approximately two weeks ago before he went into what I call a sleep, slumber , and was able to talk with him and hug him and kiss him and joke with him.
So to the ones who have passed on, rest there, sleep there, slumber on.
To the descendants of Russell, sleep and slumber there.
As we made camp well into our fourth night on the road, I curled up into a little ball, pretending to sleep until I was sure all the others were slumbering .
When you disturb them by opening the door, they open one eye in a ‘sod off, no way am I leaping and shrieking for the likes of you’ sort of way, and then return to their slumbers .
But when he'd asked, when he'd lifted a hand to my face and looked at me with those slumberous green eyes of his, any logic I'd possessed had crumbled like nothing more than a flimsy, false idol.
Moreover, their sleep patterns were different than those of modern slumberers .