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sluice / шлюз, перемычка, искусственный канал
имя существительное
gateway, lock, sluice, gate, floodgate, hatch
jumper, bridge, web, dam, seal, sluice
искусственный канал
flume, sluice, sluice-way
flow out, run out, stream, ensue, outflow, sluice
отводить воду шлюзами
sluice, sluice off
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, sluice
имя существительное
a sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water, especially one in a lock gate.
The sluice gate regulates the volume of water that strikes the wheel, and has to be judged with some care to prevent the mill stones from spinning too fast and vibrating too much.
an act of rinsing or showering with water.
a sluice with cold water
wash or rinse freely with a stream or shower of water.
she sluiced her face in cold water
Huge mounds of river rock stand with great hubris along the creek banks, remnants of the exhaustive sluice and placer mining operations that once took place on the town's perimeter.
He even made a sluice of tin and boards to catch and carry the rainwater to the parched crops.
This had caused levels in the lodge to fluctuate and water had to be diverted from the stream via a sluice .
Water was pumped by an old fire-engine from the creek to the quarry to sluice clay off the stone.
He could hear Joe working the handle of the sluice that would send water gushing into the other troughs.
I can't cite any similar highhandness on Woodward's part, nor is he the sort to sluice the words of authorities directly into his journalism.
Dozens of small balsa-wood structures were scattered on the cement floor, both within and outside the ambit of a crude wooden sluice system that carried a fitfully circulating trickle of water.
In the cage, I could hear only the sluice and swoosh of rushing and retreating water.
Having left my shoes outside at the reception desk I was given a locker for my clothes and belongings, before being ushered by the receptionist into the shower room for a thorough sluice down and then put into a steam room for 15 minutes.
They have 1.7 grams after two programmes out of six which seems reasonable bearing in mind that they also have some left not weighed in the fibrous material they use to catch the gold particles from their sluice .