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slug / слизень, пуля, тихоход
имя существительное
bullet, shot, slug, ball, projectile, pellet
slug, snail
идти с трудом
slug, trudge, limp
сильно бить
wallop, batter, slug
имя существительное
a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusk that typically lacks a shell and secretes a film of mucus for protection. It can be a serious plant pest.
Slugs and snails are mainly nocturnal, and the sun's heat can be fatal to slugs and to all mollusc eggs, so cultivate the soil thoroughly to bring them to the surface.
a slow, lazy person; a sluggard.
If there's somebody sitting around saying, you know, I'm just a lazy slug , my first question is, ‘are you?’
an amount of an alcoholic drink, typically liquor, that is gulped or poured.
he took a slug of whiskey
an elongated, typically rounded piece or metal.
the reactor uses embedded slugs of uranium
a part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in a form readable by users.
writers can edit the slug that will become an article or page URL
drink (something, typically alcohol) in a large draft; swig.
she picked up her drink and slugged it straight back
strike (someone) with a hard blow.
he was the one who'd get slugged
We came home, ran the bath, sat in it, drank a slug of whisky each and climbed in to bed, exhausted by thinking.
You barely have time to slug it down before they're racing back to tear the cup out of your hands and slam your seat back into it's upright and locked position.
It wasn't a ladylike slap, it was an all-out, full-fisted slug to the jaw that could have broken his nose if she had been aiming for it.
However, a gauss rifle uses a series of very large capacitors hooked to several coils that line the barrel of the rifle, to propel the slug forward.
Even though you're dying to bitchslap your clueless roommate, loser boyfriend or loathsome slug of a boss, play nice.
I tasted it once and had to take a slug of sour mash to get the sweet out of mouth.
they went outside to slug it out
‘It's so hot in here,’ he complained, walking back from the toilet, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and reaching for a slug of ‘black and tan’.
What it means to us is that the old lead slug is forcibly and consistently centered in the bore from shot-to-shot, producing improved accuracy.
The first slug fragmented and several pieces came out his upper back.