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slowpoke / тугодум, копуша, тупица
имя существительное
slowpoke, slowcoach
slowpoke, dawdler, slowcoach, loiterer, poke, snail
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, slowpoke
имя существительное
a person who acts or moves slowly.
we were yelling for the slowpokes to catch up
You didn't expect us to stick around and wait for that slowpoke , did you?
This simple picture book is a charming account of a class walk during which Joe (the prototypical slowpoke who takes time to ‘smell the roses’) sees things that the other children miss.
‘Get out of bed, slowpoke ,’ she snarled at me as she tossed the bag at my chest.
If I was the slowpoke driver, then Chanzy was the speed demon.
Hurry up, they'll be gone before you get there, slowpoke !
‘Excuse me,’ I smiled to a polite-looking slowpoke woman.
This is the third successive match now that he has come, played like a slowpoke and ruined India's runrate.
One event for the sprinter pumped up on growth hormones and another for the free-range slowpoke .
‘Bring it on, slowpoke ,’ Andi taunted playfully.
It was that same awareness, on his part, that kept me from feeling like a slowpoke .