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slowdown / замедление, торможение, снижение темпа работы
имя существительное
deceleration, retard, slowdown, retardation, moderation, delay
braking, inhibition, deceleration, drag, slowdown, damping
снижение темпа работы
slowdown, go-slow
имя существительное
an act of slowing down.
a traffic slowdown in the passing lane
Fogged-up windscreens should result in a major slowdown by a driver.
The slowdown thus far is modest, managing only to stem the rate of increase.
However, the group is anticipating an expected slowdown in continental Europe.
As a consequence, expect a slowdown in posting for a while, unless Seldo picks up the slack.
There had been growth of five percent of GDP for four years, in spite of the worldwide slowdown .
This time last year fears abounded of a slowdown in global growth.
The overall billings of most agencies have increased rather than decreased after the slowdown .
The tight fiscal situation will severely restrict how much action the government can take to counteract a slowdown .
Confirmation that the German slowdown is impacting on the labour market quickly followed.
At the same time, in anticipation of a slowdown , businesses retrench and through their actions they produce one.