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slow / медленно
slow, slowly, deliberately, heavily, lento
имя прилагательное
slow, sluggish, long, leisurely, creeping, tardy
slow, sluggish, dilatory, tardy, lingering, lagging
leisurely, unhurried, slow, deliberate, measured, easy
slow down, slow, retard, slacken, slow up, slack
slow down, slow, slow up, slack, slow off
fall behind, lag behind, lag, lose, slow, drop behind
имя существительное
slowpoke, dawdler, slowcoach, loiterer, poke, slow
имя прилагательное
moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast.
a time when diesel cars were slow and noisy
(of a clock or watch) showing a time earlier than the correct time.
the clock was five minutes slow
not prompt to understand, think, or learn.
he's so slow, so unimaginative
uneventful and rather dull.
a slow and mostly aimless narrative
(of a film) needing long exposure.
One of the advantages of animation is that you can use long exposures and slow film stock to reduce grain and capture a lot of fine detail.
at a slow pace; slowly.
the train went slower and slower
reduce one's speed or the speed of a vehicle or process.
the train slowed to a halt
The long, slow repetition of simple, but heavily detuned chords mimics, in a way, the chanting of monks.
After a long struggle to secure a location on campus, the farmers' market has been plagued with slow business and advertising woes.
But this is a slow process and it could be a matter of months before we have any results.
The flashbacks to the uncles' escapades in Africa ought to have been the saving grace of a rather uninteresting slow plot.
We are a little late, and I notice the clock is four minutes slow anyway.
Boil milk and fry vermicelli in remaining clarified butter gently on slow heat till golden brown.
Private tuitions are not allowed and slow learners are encouraged to come up instead of being condemned.
In our tests, this printer was slow , noisy and yielded the least impressive results, even with the subtle photo cartridge in place.
The original image was taken on ASA 50 and with a very small aperture to require a slow shutter speed.
All the same results hold - to Alice, it appears that the clock is going slow !