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slovakia / Словакия
имя существительное
имя существительное
a country in central Europe; population 5,463,000 (est. 2009); capital, Bratislava; languages, Slovak (official) and Hungarian.
Three people were being questioned by Gardaí last night following the death of a Slovakian man who was brought to hospital suffering from severe head wounds.
Football started in earnest on Wednesday, Celtic got horsed 5-0 by a team of Slovakians - the best thing that has happened all year!
When I see a film I ache and stretch and shift and I wish I hadn't had coffee, but tonight as I watch a Slovakian film with Polish subtitles I don't feel anything.
the capital of Slovakia
The Slovakian filled the space between midfield and strikers with virtuosity, threading balls into the runs of his forwards, testing Colgan with accuracy from distance.
But what really puts Finland on the music map, and the reason the Slovakian , the German, the Italian and the French are in my Finnish class, is rock.
Instead, it is being frittered away to bribe Slovakians to accept a new EU budget with cuts in their development budget so that farm subsidies can be protected.
Most Hungarians see themselves ‘welcomed them with open arms’ by the Slovakians and the Czechs.
The Slovakians ' ability to pass the ball around a pitch that was hardly conducive to an expansive approach embarrassed the ham-fisted attempts of Eriksson's men to mimic their hosts' fluency and rhythm.
American enlisted sat next to Polish officers, Korean NCOs and Australians sat together, Mongolians and Slovakians were together, as well as Albanians and Macedonians.