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slough / болото, топь, трясина
имя существительное
swamp, marsh, bog, quagmire, morass, slough
swamp, bog, marsh, slough, fen, morass
quagmire, bog, morass, mire, swale, slough
peel off, shell, peel, slough off, flake, slough
discard, drop, shed, dump, throw, slough
go down, descend, go off, come off, come off, slough
имя существительное
a swamp.
The main landscape feature is endless peat bog, surrounded by marsh, leading into morasses, sloughs and quagmires.
a situation characterized by lack of progress or activity.
the economic slough of the interwar years
the dropping off of dead tissue from living flesh.
the drugs can cause blistering and slough
shed or remove (a layer of dead skin).
a snake sloughs off its old skin
A slough , still wet on one side of the road, dried up on the other.
My hope is that we will realize that there was a context to our friend's fall and humbly wonder what might happen to us if we ever found ourselves in a sustained slough of disillusionment, despair and spiritual darkness.
exfoliate once a week to slough off any dry skin
Descriptors such as granulation tissue, slough , or eschar are generally used to define tissue type.
Gilman's heroine, Dana, is a 38-year-old New York artist in a slough of depression which intensifies when her latest exhibition bombs.
the drugs can cause blistering and slough
While in recent years his work may have fallen into something of a slough of mediocrity, these works are drawn from the period when he was at his strongest, the two decades between 1961 and the early 1980s.
A variation of the usual procedure may be to undermine the skin flap less, which will help decrease the chance of slough or skin deterioration.
The late 1980s saw me drift into a slough of depression that again led me back to music, this time the most bleak, unconsoling variety you could imagine.
Papain/urea debriding ointment is indicated for the debridement of necrotic tissue and liquefaction of slough in acute and chronic lesions.