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slothful / ленивый, нерадивый, инертный
имя прилагательное
lazy, indolent, slothful, idle, sluggish, shiftless
negligent, slothful, neglectful, remiss, slack in duty
inert, rare, noble, inactive, passive, slothful
имя прилагательное
fatigue made him slothful
And while you could make the case that Hamlet was a misanthrope, you commit the slothful sin of identifying the author with his creation if you say the same of Shakespeare.
The athletic spring that had once been in my step had slid disgracefully into a slothful waddle and I was metamorphosing into a thirty-something marshmallow instead.
And hey, you can finally tell yourself that being a slothful , gluttonous thief isn't such a self-serving activity, after all.
Sir William Brereton, a Cheshire gentleman and Puritan visiting in 1636, called the common people sluttish, nasty and slothful .
In captivity, the tigers were generally thought to be slothful , sluggish and boring and did not entertain their viewers.
We have had a long time of liberty, and have enjoyed our ministers, and sermons, and ordinances, with freedom; and we grew dull, and slothful , and sleepy.
Let's admit that in modern times, this ‘sin’ has become mired in a theological cul-de-sac: sloth is bad because it impedes progress; progress is good because it enables us to be slothful .
The second figure was walking towards the survivors with the same slow, slothful intent as the first had just minutes earlier.
This is pretty good progress for you George, even accounting for your usual slothful approach to work.
A U.S.-based systems company has set up its UK headquarters in York - and plans to woo slothful people back to the gymnasium.