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slot / шлиц, щель, паз
имя существительное
slot, spline
gap, slot, slit, crack, crevice, cleft
groove, slot, notch, recess, channel, mortise
slot, groove, flute
slot, notch, trench, finesse
прорезать канавки
имя существительное
a long, narrow aperture or slit in a machine for something to be inserted.
he slid a coin into the slot of the jukebox
an allotted place in an arrangement or plan such as a broadcasting schedule.
a late-night television slot
the track of a deer, visible as slotted footprints in soft ground.
place (something) into a long, narrow aperture.
he slotted a cassette into the tape machine
имя существительное
name given in World War II by US forces to New Georgia Sound, in the central Solomon Islands. Japanese forces trying to defend Guadalcanal were seen as coming consistently down this passage from the northwest.
The five shortlisted stories will be broadcast in a late-night slot when readers are judged to be broader-minded than in the afternoon.
Coffee drinkers in luxurious coffee shops may throw a disrespectful or pathetic look on me, one who puts coins in the slot of a coffee machine.
It generally requires slotting the card into the AGP port and securing it to the slot via a screw.
In another change from the usual pattern, the lectures will be broadcast in a morning slot at 9.00 am (with a repeat in the evening).
She inserts a piece of metal in to the card slot of the ATM machine, then when the card gets stuck she advises the user to re-enter their pin number while taking note of it herself.
South Lakeland residents are being urged to slot their coins in the collecting tins of the Royal British Legion to invest in a poppy to wear with pride.
Aruna put the disc into the slot , and the machine began to whir.
Cut, drill or rout out a slot (as marked by XXX) for 1/2 of the length.
he slid a coin into the slot of the jukebox
It is listened to by more than 15,000 people every week and the Somali slot will be broadcast from 7.40 to 7.55 pm.