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slosh / хлюпать, шлепать по воде, бродить без цели
squish, squelch, slosh, slop
шлепать по воде
slosh, squatter, paddle
бродить без цели
meander, ramble, meander along, slosh
имя существительное
slush, frazil, slosh
slush, mud, slob, slosh, slop
талый снег
slush, slosh
(of liquid in a container) move irregularly with a splashing sound.
water in the boat sloshed around under our feet
имя существительное
an act or sound of splashing.
the distant slosh of the washing machine in the basement
The anger of the first clear words Bacchius heard astonished him, and he jumped slightly, causing a slight slosh and a soft tap as his head hit the metal.
He chuckled as the snowball hit the Bonnie's red cape with a slosh , and left a large damp spot.
He heard the slosh of water between them, and saw to his fright that the basin was fast becoming a river.
I submerge straight away to get out of the slosh and follow a compass bearing over the shallow kelp and into the Ore Stone.
In a bathtub, you might move a couple of dozen litres of water with such a slosh , but sea floor movements have in the past displaced more than 100 cubic kilometres of water - billions of bathtubs.
It's all true, but this isn't any old lager, it's an authentic lager from the Czechs, rather than the usual mass-produced commercial slosh .
The chocolate company has come up with Russian vodka shots which are particularly evil, taste stronger than they are, and really make Christmas go with a bit of a slosh .
the distant slosh of the washing machine in the basement
the distant slosh of the washing machine in the basement
Here, we gleefully slosh about in communal pools of thick brown gloop, pouring it over ourselves with plastic pails and savouring the eucalyptus-like aroma, before washing it off under hot jets of salty spring water.