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slop / помои, слякоть, жидкая пища
имя существительное
slops, swill, slop, dishwater, lap, wash
slush, mud, slob, slosh, slop
жидкая пища
slop, lap
spill, slop, slop out, slop over, splatter, spatter
spill, shed, slop, run, slop out, slop over
spill, slop, run, slop out, slop over
имя существительное
waste water from a kitchen, bathroom, or chamber pot that has to be emptied by hand.
sink slops
sentimental language or material.
country music is not all commercial slop
a workman's loose outer garment.
wide, baggy pants common in the 16th and early 17th centuries, especially as worn by sailors.
(of a liquid) spill or flow over the edge of a container, typically as a result of careless handling.
water slopped over the edge of the sink
feed slops to (an animal, especially a pig).
They milk the cows, feed the calves, slop the pigs, and check the roosting hens before sitting down to tea in their own kitchen.
speak or write in a sentimentally effusive manner; gush.
she slopped over her dog
Fans of cable channels or mush-brained problem dramas may appreciate this sentimental slop ; others are warned.
One man's masterwork is another's undeniable piece of celluloid slop .
Finally, Ian steps away, off to buy his daily rationing of overpriced, indigestible slop .
With a more clever script, Sleepover could've been watchable, but it lacks the courage to be anything more than pure slop .
Atobe protested, ‘If the food I serve is slop , how come you were pigging out at lunch?’
The food court had a stripped down version of our favorite fast food slop house, as well as a panorama of ethnic fast food counters.
I continue to be baffled by the fact that the US networks keep taking absolutely brilliant television programming from BBC America and turning it into slop .
A film with music every five minutes is like a novel with ten exclamation points on every page - yet we, who would be embarrassed by a surfeit of exclamations, accept such musical slop unblinkingly.
Be it his usual commercial slop or this stab at achieving some street credit, he falls amazingly flat, as he always has.
You don't really think that Bush likes to get out there and slop the hogs and move the hay around, do you?