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sloganeering / лозунгов
employ or invent slogans, typically in a political context.
Using images derived from mass psychology, public participation is distorted into little more than sloganeering , by ambitious politicians and symbolic politics.
General strikes and sloganeering have become common in this Himalayan kingdom.
The people cannot successfully trade in the ineffectual language of protest marches and strikes, shutdowns and sloganeering that are the triggers of people in search of a constituency.
Like Frey, his enemy throughout the recovery process is not the cheerless environment of rehab, but the moronic cheerfulness of recovery sloganeering .
Inside, dozens of stalls sold goods ranging from Palestinian olive oil to sloganeering tee shirts advertising everything from cannabis and Che Guevera to ‘No Sweat’ fair trade plimsolls.
Too much of what we read is sloganeering , consisting of bald assertions founded on unexamined choices.
The only things I'm definitely against are short-termist thinking, nationalism, cheap arguments and sloganeering .
After an hour of singing, sloganeering and speeches on everything from Palestine to Cuba, the protest has made its symbolic statement and it's time to go home.
Land lends itself too easily to sloganeering and an unquestioning intellectual certainty about the course of struggle.
If the conservatives forced them to exit ivory towers to slug it out in the real world, this book is one welcome result, making the right seem like sloganeering one-trick ponies in comparison.
McCrann has exhibited how superior intellect will defeat sloganeering hands down.