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slog / сильный удар, тяжелая работа, утомительная работа
имя существительное
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, swinger
тяжелая работа
heavy work, drudgery, slog, fag, elbow grease, moil
утомительная работа
slog, fatigue, fag
упорно работать
slog, plod, hammer at, peg away, peg on, hammer away
сильно ударять
crump, slog, swinge, quilt, slug, bash
имя существительное
a spell of difficult, tiring work or traveling.
it would be a hard slog back to the camp
work hard over a period of time.
they were slogging away to meet a deadline
hit forcefully and typically wildly, especially in boxing.
the fighters were slogging away
The burly left-hander and former England one-day player has just been given the captaincy so to slog the left arm spin of Gary Keedy to long-on was nothing less than irresponsible.
Throughout the day staff had to run for 5 minutes on the ‘stepper’ on the hardest level, slog for miles on the treadmill and a variety of other strenuous tasks.
I know a lot of you are doing stuff together, but it's a hard slog to find out what.
It's certainly been a hard slog but I think any experience, especially bad ones, usually benefit you long-term.
Don't worry about the first chapter which, whilst beautiful, does make it seem like it's going to be a bit of a hard slog .
Don't get too irked at me for not mentioning this until after making you slog through all my instructions on building policies the hard way.
a slog hit the fielder on the helmet
My thoughts are with the families of the admin assistants and cleaners killed in the towers who slog away for minimum wage.
This was because they had tried to slog the ball around and had got out.
Slowly our health returns and the next seven days, while being a hard slog , go relatively smoothly.