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slobber / слюни, сентиментальная болтовня, слюнявый поцелуй
имя существительное
slobber, slaver
сентиментальная болтовня
slobber, slipslop
слюнявый поцелуй
пускать слюни
slobber, dribble
slobber, slaver, beslaver, slabber
имя существительное
saliva dripping copiously from the mouth.
The slobber turned to spit and his gaze went to fuzzy.
have saliva dripping copiously from the mouth.
Fido tended to slobber
I awoke, arms flailing and my head floating in a pillow drenched in my own slobber .
The dog leash fell from her pocket, and she picked it up, saw its collar… ran her hands along it, and could still feel the sticky substance of slobber .
I mean, a nuclear attack would suck big time, but honestly, why is my dog obsessed with practically drowning me with his slobber ?
I replied I couldn't see the attraction of having someone else's slobber all over my face.
It let out a bellow of rage and shook its large head back and forth, throwing a fine spray of slobber through the musty air.
Shawn stirred a little, then lifted his head from the table; a long stream of slobber trailing from his mouth.
The slobber turned to spit and his gaze went to fuzzy.
They bolted into the kitchen and before I could even find a weapon big paws were on my chest, I stumbled back, smacked into the counter and got dog slobber all over my neck.
‘Lovely - dog slobber ,’ he said as he chucked the ball out to near the tree line.
Camilla never cared how messy she got from the dog's slobber , or the dirt from his paws.