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slob / слякоть, неряха, тупица
имя существительное
slush, mud, slob, slosh, slop
slut, sloven, slob, slattern, trollop, pig
jerk, dunce, dullard, schmuck, numskull, slob
имя существительное
a lazy and slovenly person.
We're not all lazy slobs like Channel 4 seem to want us to be.
he's a slob and expects others to clean up after him
We're not all lazy slobs like Channel 4 seem to want us to be.
There are regular complaints about drunken slobs congregating in the Cathedral Close every summer.
If slobs cannot be bothered to set aside 10 minutes to walk to the polling station then they don't deserve to have a say in who runs their affairs.
And the house is really badly decorated - a legacy from the people who used to own it, who were worse slobs than we are.
One hotel is now offering to turn slobs into studs in just a weekend.
We are not a nation of slobs , but it's a sad, sobering fact that the majority of tourists only see the bars or beaches when they are on holidays.
‘I'm told there are no slobs or yobs over 2,000 ft, they can't exist in the pure air,’ he grins.
You forget about the noisy love-making through rice paper-thin walls, the noisy parties, the slobbish behaviour - even if you were the main culprit all those years ago.
And how will Felix handle Oscar's slobbish lifestyle, his untidy apartment and his insistence that he ‘likes it just the way it is’.