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sliver / щепка, прядь, лучина
имя существительное
sliver, chip, splinter, split
strand, sliver, ply
splinter, chip, spill, sliver, split, slip
chip, sliver, split off, secede
split, fission, disintegrate, splinter, crack, sliver
chip, sliver, split off, unpin, get off, sever
имя существительное
a small, thin, narrow piece of something cut or split off a larger piece.
a sliver of cheese
cut or break (something) into small, thin, narrow pieces.
slivered almonds
a sliver of cheese
What has never worked for me with the mosaic metaphor is that in a mosaic every piece is insurmountably separated from other pieces by a sliver of space on all sides.
A sliver of light sliced into the room, broadening across the floor, and a hunched figure was silhouetted there.
Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C. Chop the nuts roughly, and sliver the apricots.
there was a sliver of light under his door
To sliver the basil, stack about six leaves at a time; starting at tip ends, roll up tightly, then thinly slice rolls crosswise.
there was a sliver of light under his door
a sliver of cheese
A final work, Unravel, was a mainly white confection of foam-core strips, slivered paper plates and disassembled Chinese lanterns that descended from the ceiling in a vortex.
They came balanced on a bed of spinach and pasta dressed in a delicious creamy sauce with scallops, topped with thin slivers of crispy fried potato.