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slit / щель, разрез, прорезь
имя существительное
gap, slot, slit, crack, crevice, cleft
section, cutting, cut, incision, slit, mine
slot, slit, recess, split, slash, mortice
cut, slit, cut up, nick, bisect, cleave
делать разрез
slit, incise
split, fission, disintegrate, splinter, crack, slit
имя существительное
a long, narrow cut or opening.
make a slit in the stem under a bud
make a long, narrow cut in (something).
give me the truth or I will slit your throat
The door had royal red curtains and a little slit for a window.
Astrakhan farmers, cut the throats of pregnant sheep, slit open their wombs and pull out the soon-to-be born living lamb.
She slit open a packet of sauce from the supermarket.
In 2002 a team succeeded in restricting the spreading of light emitted from a narrow slit in a metal film.
When you detect a hole in a corn stalk and perhaps some sawdust outside, cut a slit below the hole and dig out the worm.
give me the truth or I will slit your throat
Two shopkeepers who saw the attack said the two soldiers killed had their throats slit after being ambushed in traffic.
My throat feels like it's being slit by a thousand daggers, my chest is convulsing violently with the coughs and my eyes are clouded by lack of sleep.
Aiur eyed him, but she slit open the envelope and pulled out a thin sheet of paper.
Remove the scales from the sardines with the back of a knife, slit each fish along the belly and scrape out the innards.