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slipway / слип, судоподъемный эллинг
имя существительное
судоподъемный эллинг
Other suggestions included a facility for boat repair, a slipway , more car parking in the area and a small boat marina.
Penzance harbour has an excellent slipway for launching, with a large car park adjacent (fees charged for both).
When finished, Titanic Quarter hopes to include offices, shops, a maritime museum and, beside the old slipway , a building that will tell the Titanic story.
As such, there was no conventional dynamic launch down a slipway .
I am told that a fisherman of more than 70 summers was repairing his boat on the slipway of a little Northern port much used by divers.
The boats are launched from a slipway into the island's precarious harbour, steered through lulls in the surf and out to passing ships to trade or to load freight.
For launching use the slipway at Falmouth Watersports Centre or take off from the beach at Maenporth or Porthoustock, on the Lizard.
We dragged our kayaks down the slipway in to the water and got in.
Strong winds and low tides kept the ship on the slipway for an extra 24 hours.
Alexander was unattainable for he took command of moving the ship down the makeshift slipway toward the tidal flats.