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slipstream / slipstream
воздушный поток
air stream
имя существительное
a current of air or water driven back by a revolving propeller or jet engine.
This aircraft company was awarded a US Army contract to study vectored slipstreams and produce an aircraft that could test the concept.
an assisting force regarded as drawing something along behind something else.
when the U.S. economy booms, the rest of the world is pulled along in the slipstream
(especially in auto racing) another term for draft ( sense 4 of the verb ).
All the while, championship leader, Arthur Forster was concentrating on slipstreaming his fellow competitors and protecting his tyres against the abrasive Thruxton circuit.
when the U.S. economy booms, the rest of the world is pulled along in the slipstream
By mid distance, Carroll was right with Rossiter and shot out of his slipstream at Church corner in a brave move.
They said we had been caught in a slipstream with another aircraft.
Hushovd, in with a shout of taking the yellow jersey after his fifth place in Saturday's prologue time-trial, led the sprint out but he had Kirsipuu in his slipstream .
When the large boxes slide out the back of a C-l7, they hit the slipstream and break up.
Approaching the end of the channel, we found that the German couple who had pushed on ahead had encountered a more vigorous current and were clinging to the reef, their bodies extended like banners in the slipstream .
You will also feel very well protected with the hood down as a low driving position and high sides combine with a raked windscreen to send the slipstream and insects up and over your head.
Unfortunately on the restart, I had a lot of wheelspin which allowed Michael to take the slipstream and get past.
Pereiro took advantage coming out of his slipstream for the victory.
You swing out of a slipstream , overtaking a cyclist, and your helmet starts vibrating with the G-force - one false move and you will be picking gravel out of your teeth for weeks.