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slipshod / небрежный, неряшливый, неряшливо обутый
имя прилагательное
careless, negligent, sloppy, casual, inadvertent, slipshod
sloppy, sleazy, slovenly, grubby, scruffy, slipshod
неряшливо обутый
имя прилагательное
(typically of a person or method of work) characterized by a lack of care, thought, or organization.
he'd caused many problems with his slipshod management
But that doesn't excuse the paper's slipshod reasoning.
They also offer some important thoughts about how an article this slipshod managed to get past peer review.
It is because of this slipshod attitude of the concerned agencies that the antiquities and the relics of distant past are easily accessible to not only all pervasive primates but to anyone who is interested to fritter or wipe out them.
Sylvester cites an example of two architectural plots recently developed, one of high quality traditional Chinese houses, the other an inferior and slipshod effort at American villas.
All this accounts for the nervousness of MPs, even those in ultra-safe seats, who may miss their chance in government because of one slipshod campaign or a knucklehead candidate.
Couldn't see anything in the dark but our slipshod navigation skills managed to see us through till dawn, when a storm broke.
We haven't got a clue, but that's nothing some ingenious guess-work, slipshod plotting and extraordinary coincidence can't take care of.
I also curse my lack of preparedness, preferring in my slipshod diva manner to leave all decorating and shopping to the last minute.
One particular area of slipshod practice, at both the federal and provincial level, was taxation (there were many others).
In our heart of hearts we think better of the universe, we are secretly convinced that it is not such a slipshod , haphazard affair, that everything in it has meaning.