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slipper / тапочка, тапок, комнатная туфля
имя существительное
slipper, mule
комнатная туфля
отшлепать туфлей
имя существительное
a comfortable slip-on shoe that is worn indoors.
Another must for lounging, especially if you live in a cooler climate, is a comfortable pair of slippers .
The pink satin of her slipper glowed softly and the ribbons sculpted her ankle.
he didn't slipper me hard
It wouldn't be quite as bad if it was an actual shoe, but a slipper ?
So I buy the wrong footwear, a flimsy slipper when my climbing style is better suited to a model with a thin mid sole.
The slipper or shoe should be such as to make the metatarsals of the foot visible and which do not cover the ankles.
If I'm freezing in Winter, then the extra-thick, knee-high socks go on, as do the sneakers or slippers , depending on my location.
If you know your dad loves lounging around the house, a pair of comfortable slippers are key.
When she performed the same piece at the Jazz Dance World Congress in slippers , was it then jazz dance?
I grinned, seeing two small, slippered feet peeking out beneath the silk material.
On her feet would be the black dancing slippers .