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slippage / проскальзывание
slip, slide
  • wheel slippage - проскальзывание колес
имя существительное
the action or process of something slipping or subsiding; the amount or extent of this.
$16 million has been spent on cracks and slippage
He didn't have any advice for keeping the feathers equally spread throughout the quilt all night though, apparently even those quilted into squares suffer from feather slippage .
$16 million has been spent on cracks and slippage
The New Walton Pier Company, which owns the site, told hut owners their huts would have to be removed for urgent safety work to be carried out due to land slippage .
£16 million has been spent on cracks and slippage
The registration process creates slippage : each of the four colors, plus black, are printed over one another.
The slippage caused physical damage, delays, and consequential losses, and necessitated extensive remedial works.
This process is called mitotic slippage and yields tetraploid 4N cells.
But in recent years there's been serious slippage , enough to call a trend.
Mrs Smyth was worried residents would have had to move into emergency housing over Christmas because of heightened fears about the level of slippage .
Despite the concerns, however, some stockbrokers have been advising clients to take advantage of the recent slippage in share prices to add to existing holdings.