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slip / скользить, проскользнуть, выскользнуть
slide, glide, slip, skim, skid, slither
slip, slide
slip, slip out, slide
имя существительное
slip, slide, slipping, glide, gliding, glissade
miss, slip, blunder, bloomer, fault, boner
sheet, leaflet, slip, rag, folium
имя существительное
an act of sliding unintentionally for a short distance.
a single slip could send them plummeting down the mountainside
a minor or careless mistake.
the judge made a slip in his summing up
a woman's loose-fitting, dress- or skirt-length undergarment, suspended by shoulder straps ( full slip ) or by an elasticized waistband ( half slip ).
a silk slip
a slope built leading into water, used for launching and landing boats and ships or for building and repairing them.
Some 20 swimmers took to the water at the boat slip in the town while onlookers cheered.
a leash that enables a dog to be released quickly.
This handy slip leash adjusts to any size dog.
(of a person or animal) slide unintentionally for a short distance, typically losing one's balance or footing.
I slipped on the ice
escape or get loose from (a means of restraint).
the giant balloon slipped its moorings
Avoid the practice of resting the foot continuously on the clutch pedal while driving and do not slip the clutch excessively instead of shifting gears.
a beautiful woman's address was never likely to slip his mind
Standing she moved slowly up the boat slip until she reached ground.
When she was out of her heavy dress, Ingrid began pinning the materials to the slip that Pearl wore, slowly forming the beginnings of a dress.
Just slip an invitation in to the conversation like that.
if you twist a mare's back too sharply it can slip foal
AMD announced the slip in shipping forecasts last night at its latest conference for financial analysts.
The collision was accompanied by left-lateral strike slip and terrane displacement.
The slip is sufficiently flat that we need to use a rope on the trailer, but I have lost the key to the ball hitch.
But she does admit to being a little annoyed, especially when, after the biggest race of her life, she was almost allowed to slip quietly back to the changing rooms.