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slink / красться, выкинуть, идти крадучись
steal, sneak, slink, creep, prowl, skulk
abort, miscarry, cast, slip, slink
идти крадучись
slink, slink away, slink by, slink off, stalk, prowl
имя существительное
premature baby, slink
имя прилагательное
aborted, slink, slunk
move smoothly and quietly with gliding steps, in a stealthy or sensuous manner.
the fox came slinking through the woods
имя существительное
a slinking movement or walk.
she moved with a sensuous slink
We slink in quietly and go to the registration desk.
Pulling this over her golden brown locks, she proceeded to slink off in the darkest shadows as stealthily and silently as a cat.
Carey's excellent current album, turns the clock back to the halcyon days of laser-guided digital slink .
Her top 10 single is a grown-up version of an old tune, with heartfelt strums replacing the slink of old.
I had never seen someone slink out of the Chamber in such an embarrassed manner.
I proceeded to stealthily slink through the hallways, lurk in the cafeteria, the library, the football field, the gym.
she moved with a sensuous slink
she moved with a sensuous slink
In each scene she has just the right look, the right slink in her walk and deceitful glint in her eye.
When in the bar scene she emerges from her self-imposed isolation, her slink and swagger is perfect.