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sling / ремень, строп, праща
имя существительное
belt, strap, sling, thong, lanyard, leather
sling, strap, strop, hitch
toss, throw, fling, hurl, slam, sling
throw, hurl, cast, shoot, launch, sling
метать из пращи
имя существительное
a flexible strap or belt used in the form of a loop to support or raise a weight.
the horse had to be supported by a sling fixed to the roof
a simple weapon in the form of a strap or loop, used to hurl stones or other small missiles.
Men of the armies fought with double-edged swords, battle-axes, lances, slings , and weapons of archery.
a sweetened drink of liquor, especially gin, and water.
In the capital, clubbers drink Kabul slings and canned Russian beer.
suspend or arrange (something), especially with a strap or straps, so that it hangs loosely in a particular position.
a hammock was slung between two trees
throw; fling (often used to express the speaker's casual attitude).
sling a few things into your knapsack
She reached for her sling , only to realize that her stones were gone.
sling a few things into your knapsack
In the case of the 1572 explosion, when the white dwarf exploded, the companion star was released from its gravitational influence like a stone being thrown by a sling .
She put the pack on and adjusted it to fit then adjusted the sling on the laser rifle.
The rope can be belayed back to the pinnacle with a sling .
After I said that Joey appeared before me with his arm bandaged up in a sling .
I asked for a sling to hoist my daughter from her new electric wheelchair in November 2004.
Treatment includes ice, pain medication, a sling for comfort, and early mobilization.
In winter it helps to have a big coat, so that you can wear the sling and the baby inside of the coat and stay nice and cozy.
After installing the bolt, I clipped it with a short sling to allow the rope to run freely beneath the overhang.