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slime / слизь, шлам, муть
имя существительное
mucus, slime, phlegm, mucilage
sludge, mud, slime, tailings, pulp
slime, feculence, dreg
покрывать слизью
покрываться слизью
удалять слизь
имя существительное
a moist, soft, and slippery substance, typically regarded as repulsive.
the cold stone was wet with slime
cover with slime.
what grass remained was slimed over with pale brown mud
The rocks are coated with thick black slime out of reach of the 150 young soldiers with olive green shower capes and buckets and spades to shovel up the filth.
the cold stone was wet with slime
My ankle blew up to the size of a softball and leaked prolific amounts of worm juice, a syrupy yellow pus that was as slippery as slug slime .
A thick layer of scourge slime ensured that no one was going in or out of the dining room.
The Utuku warriors lurched into the clearing in ragged files, swearing, covered with mud and slime up to their underbellies.
Those biofilms are the slippery slime that you sometimes find on your carrots if you leave them too long in your refrigerator drawer.
They had a type of slime stuff oozing down their bodies.
Slowly, a form rises out of the chamber, dripping a thick greeny-brown slime .
His black homburg was covered with the thick black slime as was his black coat.
Their hide was thick and leathery, with a thin film of slime covering it.