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slightly / немного, слегка, чуть
little, a little, a bit, slightly, some, few
slightly, lightly, rather, a trifle
slightly, hardly, narrowly, lightly, low
to a small degree; not considerably.
he lowered his voice slightly
(with reference to a person's build) in a slender way.
a slightly built girl
the price has increased slightly
His voice wheezed ever so slightly , as if he had shouted a lot when he was younger.
He said slowly, his voice deep and slightly cracked, as if he hadn't used it in a long time.
Each of them met the structural requirements for flight in a slightly different way.
They are intense to the point of being slightly odd, but only a fool wouldn't love them to bits.
he lowered his voice slightly
I am sure they all have slightly different views, but it is something for the future.
Lack of sleep is making me slightly more prone to mistakes and considerably more snappy.
If the cooked potato is left for hours being kept slightly warm, it becomes poisonous.
I took some snaps on the way home last night which show the city in a slightly different light.