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slight / легкий, незначительный, слабый
имя прилагательное
easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, gentle
minor, light, insignificant, small, slight, little
weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, slight
имя существительное
neglect, disregard, disdain, scorn, slight, disparagement
contempt, disrespect, disregard, slight, impiety
disregard, slight
neglect, flout, disregard, ignore, disdain, slight
slight, disparage, stepmother, snoot
относиться небрежно
имя прилагательное
small in degree; inconsiderable.
a slight increase
(of a person or their build) not sturdy and strongly built.
she was slight and delicate-looking
имя существительное
an insult caused by a failure to show someone proper respect or attention.
an unintended slight can create grudges
insult (someone) by treating or speaking of them without proper respect or attention.
he was careful not to slight a guest
raze or destroy (a fortification).
Temporarily Hadrian's Wall became redundant; gates were removed from the milecastles, and parts of the Vallum were deliberately slighted to form additional crossings.
He's not very skinny, but he's got a very slight build.
All human eyes have a slight degree of farsightedness at birth.
Colors often look muted and washed out with there also being a slight degree of edge enhancement rearing its ugly head.
Khad's slight build and almost feminine looks gave him a delicate look.
This results in fluid retention of a slight degree when you are able to drink adequately and replete your exercise fluid losses.
Mona always said that she was fat, when in reality, she was dainty with a slight build.
He continues to direct good films, even if all of them are rather slight .
A woman writer who evokes an intensely personal landscape still finds she is dismissed as slight , precious, trivial.
The earliest concertos composed for square piano are slight works, diverting but lightweight.
Hence, the difference could only be explained by the use of a different negative, copied from the original with a slight degree of enlargement.