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slider / ползунок
slide, runner
имя существительное
a North American freshwater turtle with a red or yellow patch on the side of the head.
The pond slider has expanded its range through the careless release of pets into the wild.
a pitch that moves laterally as it nears home plate.
In the game, Cheney threw 228 pitches, including fastballs, knucklers, sliders and curveballs.
a sliding door, especially one with a glass panel.
a small sandwich, typically no bigger than three inches across and served on a bun.
Perhaps its most serious competition are the ‘meatball sliders ’, made with beef, veal and pork on tiny, bouncy garlic rolls.
a knob or lever that is moved horizontally or vertically to control a variable, such as the volume of a radio.
The player contains the expected transport controls as well as sliders for volume and balance, or pan position.
You tap the button to get the slider moving, tap it again to gauge your distance and then time your final tap to determine the direction.
There's a small slider switch on the side to switch between on, off and auto.
The closure mechanism further includes a slider having a plow.
He was able to get his curveball over and was in control with his slider and changeup.
The difference now, though, is Reichert is more willing to rely on his fastball and save the slider for his out pitch.
In either case you can control the volume by another slider .
He finally understood the key to throwing his fastball was control, and his slider was much more consistent.
The slider is then moved along the rack to the ‘open’ position, which gives consumers access to the contents.
The sandwich has become the house special—from the scrumptious steak slider with pickles and onions to the sinful Nutella dessert panini.
An innovative technique for vacuum supply to the slider allows operation with no vacuum tubes, which lightens the slider .