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slide / слайд, скольжение, ползун
имя существительное
slide, sliding seat
slip, slide, slipping, glide, gliding, glissade
slide, crosshead, ram, slide-block
slide, glide, slip, skim, skid, slither
put, slide, slip in, thrust into, put in, thrust in
slide, begin to move, shut
имя существительное
a structure with a smooth sloping surface for children to slide down.
Across from school was a big public playground, filled with swing sets and slides and jungle gyms and merry-go-rounds.
a part of a machine or musical instrument that slides.
His dark hair fell into his eyes as he looked down the slide of his instrument, inspecting the dent that his fall had put in it the day before.
a rectangular piece of glass on which an object is mounted or placed for examination under a microscope.
The measurements are performed in vitro, with a DNA construction anchored between a glass microscope slide and a silica bead.
a sandal or light shoe without a back.
move along a smooth surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.
she slid down the bank into the water
The slide came, the slope caught them and the wheels came off.
There's no slop, no shake, and the slide travels along the frame ways slick as greased ball bearings.
That's a solid double and a hard slide into third base.
As the cells matured they fell off the slide and settled in the bottom of the jar.
That makes it much easier for older shooters, or those with small hands or slender wrists, to operate its slide .
Contributing to the current slide are some of the older more established technology and telecommunications names.
The toboggan slide has three individual sliding channels and rubber tubes are provided for the riders.
He knows it is a complicated argument and one that can quickly slide into a debate about whether terrorism ‘works’.
As Sydney sees another film festival opening, Australia needs to learn the lessons from abroad to halt the slide of its industry
Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for things to begin the slippery slide into mediocrity before plunging off a precipice into idiocy.