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slick / пятно, пленка, широкая стамеска
имя существительное
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, patch
film, membrane, skin, pellicle, slick, envelope
широкая стамеска
имя прилагательное
smooth, sleek, plain, slick, polished, glassy
deft, clever, dexterous, nimble, artful, slick
slippery, slick, slimy, slippy, greasy, lubricious
smooth, smoothly, slick, swimmingly, fluently, volubly
slick, skillfully, neatly, skilfully, cunningly, artfully
direct, right, straight, directly, live, slick
smooth, sleek, slick, smarm, smoothen, sleeken
приводить в порядок
put in order, settle, tidy, adjust, set in order, slick
polish, burnish, buff, grind, brighten, slick
имя прилагательное
(of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way.
a slick piece of software
(of skin or hair) smooth and glossy.
a dandy-looking dude with a slick black ponytail
имя существительное
an oil slick.
Nicholls was competing in France in 2002 when the slick from the oil tanker Prestige hit the beach.
a race car or bicycle tire without a tread, for use in dry weather conditions.
He didn't have much time in the car before the race and going out on slicks in those conditions was a real test,’ reckoned Lockie.
a glossy magazine.
Although the stories are not his best work, he and his agent must have been pleased to receive the higher rates that the slicks were paying.
make (one's hair) flat, smooth, and glossy by applying water, oil, or cream to it.
his damp hair was slicked back
make someone or something smart, tidy, or stylish.
She slicked her hair up , did her makeup, and ran down the stairs.
The soup had the light, creamy texture of melted ice cream and left a pleasing slick of richness down the back of my throat.
It is a slick piece of work, more like a product of Madison Avenue than staid Capitol Hill.
I knew that the biotechnology industry had been pouring money into opposing the initiative with slick advertisements and tricky sound bites.
It was a slick , professional operation, alright.
The game features a fairly slick damage location model, allowing you to blow the heads and limbs off zombies with well-aimed shots.
The days of the innocent slick of lipstick are over since the newest formulations work far better.
We encounter the photos like magazine advertisements, or slick campaign billboards selling women's perfume or trips to happier places than Sofia.
Dark clouds loomed over the lake, and the first drops of rain hit with fat plops on the slick surface.
Today's pirates are slick professional operations filling Britain's airwaves with everything from street music to extreme political messages.
There was an oily slick on top and far too many noodles, flabbily over - cooked.