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slew / множество, поворот, большое количество
имя существительное
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, slew
turn, rotation, turning, twist, swing, slew
большое количество
plenty, number, quantity, a great deal, a generous amount, slew
turn, swing, twist, turn round, slew, wheel
rotate, revolve, turn, roll, slew, rev
rotate, revolve, turn, turn around, run, slew
имя существительное
a violent or uncontrollable sliding movement.
I was assaulted by the thump and slew of the van
a large number or quantity of something.
he asked me a slew of questions
turn or slide violently or uncontrollably in a particular direction.
the Chevy slewed from side to side in the snow
(of an electronic device) undergo slewing.
The telescope slewed to the coordinates as soon as it received the alert and within seven minutes of the start of the burst, it began observations.
kill (a person or animal) in a violent way.
St. George slew the dragon
Gates offers a slew of models for redistributing wealth and reclaiming natural resources.
Additionally, when performing sharp lane changes at higher speeds, the car will have fewer tendencies to produce yaw; or to put it another way, it will not slew about as much.
he asked me a slew of questions
Every few minutes whistles sounded and the workers left the hill as a slew of garbage came raining down, erecting the pile higher again.
We'll have a slew of major establishment players running simply because it's ‘their time to run.’
Opal laughed again and let loose a cannonade of bullets, all steel-tipped for the armor of the truck, and stood his ground as the truck continued to slew towards him.
One object of the invention is to dynamically reduce resistance in order to decrease the time constant during the signal transition for allowing a more rapid slew of the signal from one logic state to another.
None of the batsmen could top 31, and a slew of single-digit scores saw them slump to 107 all out.
Normally there would have been a slew of scores around 37-35 but under the wet conditions, the ball just did not travel as most expected.
A slew of elementary-school field trippers trekked through the exhibits last week, along with hard-core history buffs from the surrounding area.