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sleuth / сыщик, собака-ищейка
имя существительное
detective, sleuth, spotter, eye, gumshoe, beagle
sleuthhound, sleuth, lurcher
track down, hunt down, track, trace, trail, sleuth
быть сыщиком
sleuth, sleuthhound
имя существительное
a detective.
The sleuth is usually an amateur or a consulting detective.
carry out a search or investigation in the manner of a detective.
scientists began their genetic sleuthing for honey mushrooms four years ago
An amateur psychologist as well as a sleuth , O'Neill will not be so easily taken in.
Equally convenient is the fact that Johnston's neighbour Winston is an amateur sleuth .
Fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes is credited with first realising the value of soil in criminal investigations.
‘What drew me to dance history,’ Jowitt remarked, ‘was a very old-fashioned sense of how wonderful it was to sleuth .’
The lawsuit has complicated efforts to sleuth the chain of events at the building.
The sleuth is usually an amateur or a consulting detective.
The amateur sleuth in me is immediately very excited.
A series of grisly killings in the slums of the old town district had gone unsolved for so long that my expertise was once again required to sleuth out the culprit.
Super sleuth children put their detective skills to the test to solve a murder.
Corporate tax sleuths got hold of this and are now using it in a convoluted way to avoid U.S. taxes altogether on profits they make from foreign operations.