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slender / тонкий, стройный, худенький
имя прилагательное
thin, fine, subtle, small, slim, slender
slim, slender, shapely, svelte, rangy, gracile
slender, slim
small, little, low, moderate, narrow, slender
имя прилагательное
(of a person or part of the body) gracefully thin.
her slender neck
(of something abstract) barely sufficient in amount or basis.
a slender majority of four
Can such a slender body bear the weight of so much expectation?
By a slender majority of four to three, the High Court bought the argument.
The slender girders, electrical cables and insulators look as if they had just come out of a package.
Every second that passed he felt a greater and more unbearable desire to possess this small, slender body.
I leaned my slender body to the side, resting the luggage on the pale tile floor.
Her forceful voice coupled with the wriggling of her waist on a slender body, was a great sight to watch.
About 20 percent of the cells move to the top of the blob and produce a slender stalk.
England failed to limit Sri Lanka to a slender target after they resumed the fourth day just eight behind on 98 for six.
Whether the incident happened at all, or as relayed in the anecdote, it is a slender confection to link this to the party's victory.
Her green satin dress made her look like a slender flower stem, crowned with petals of fiery hair.