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sleigh / сани, санки, салазки
имя существительное
sleigh, sledge, sled, toboggan
sled, sleigh, jumper
sled, slide, skid, carriage, sleigh, sledge
ехать на санях
sledge, sleigh, sled
возить на санях
sled, sledge, sleigh
имя существительное
a sled drawn by horses or reindeer, especially one used for passengers.
Dog sleds and horse drawn sleighs are also available.
ride on a sleigh.
The organisation covers all costs including accommodation and winter activities such as para-gliding, skiing, dog sleighing and snowboarding.
They climbed over an 8,000-foot pass and then skied down to Boulder Station, where they rode a horse-drawn sleigh the remaining miles to Ketchum.
We have been collecting in Swindon for about 50 years, and that sleigh had been built in 1969.
A ride through the forests on a troika - a sleigh pulled by three horses - is a real treat.
Take your holiday décor beyond the traditional sleigh and reindeer by adding some new, festive friends.
A great way to make an entrance into your snow touched special day is via horse and carriage, or better yet, in a sleigh .
Finally, the bags were upstairs, the sleigh put in the barn, and the horses tended.
But for the children it was the arrival of Father Christmas in a sleigh led by Cairngorm reindeer that made the event so special.
The sleighing was very good down in the morning but it thawed considerably yesterday and I had quite poor sleighing for eight miles this side of Newburgh coming home.
During these months, its countless lakes freeze solid, providing perfect surfaces for skidoo driving, reindeer sleighing and Siberian husky safaris.
Somewhat incongruously she also described the amusements of the respectable ladies and gentlemen of Deadwood, happily recalling picnics, tennis games, church socials, sleighing parties, and balls.