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sleeve / рукав, втулка, муфта
имя существительное
sleeve, hose, arm, branch, fork, hosepipe
sleeve, hub, bushing, bush, collar, spigot
clutch, coupling, sleeve, socket, muff, union
имя существительное
the part of a garment that wholly or partly covers a person's arm.
a shirt with the sleeves rolled up
If a pipe penetration must be located within that zone, use of a schedule 40 steel pipe sleeve is required.
The pictures on the album sleeve sum up the nature of Moffat's dance-influenced dreams.
I adore the folds of the sleeve and bodice and how she pulled her hair up to show off those darling dangling earrings.
It does not look out of place: the dark sleeve design features spooky silhouettes instead of the bespectacled schoolboy who grins from covers in Britain.
I didn't know this, but in the Old Days they'd slip a paper sleeve over the bottle to keep the condensation from dripping on your lap.
an album sleeve
You don't get the tin boxes but you do get the first seven DVDs in a cardboard sleeve for $124.99.
The outer cable conductor is enclosed by a contact sleeve which has a plurality of radially resilient segments.
One of them rolled up the sleeve of his shirt and held his arm next to my hand.
After we finished, we were ready to pour the top caps and then tie the bronze sleeve to the spindle as before and set in the bottom sleeves.