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sleet / мокрый снег, дождь со снегом, ледяная корка
имя существительное
мокрый снег
дождь со снегом
ледяная корка
имя существительное
a form of precipitation consisting of ice pellets, often mixed with rain or snow.
Eric headed home alone, I needed time to think, the sleet had turned to rain, but I didn't mind being wet.
sleet falls.
it was sleeting so hard we could barely see
Conditions were described as mixed hail / sleet / snow.
The photo is slightly murky because of the sleet sheeting down from the sky and the fact that I'm trying to keep my arm from blowing off.
The game almost descended into farce with the sleet making any meaningful rugby impossible.
Outside, a woman walked along the wet lamp-lit sidewalk through the sleet and snow.
I'm bracing up for the sleet that is coming our way this afternoon.
They slip and fall all over the place as the sleet is piling up.
I was right, but I was wrong about what the sleet was foreshadowing.
driving sleet and rain made conditions horrendous
Elongated strips of icicles dangled from the sides of the shed ceiling, and a thin film of sleet enveloped everything else.
Then the sleet turned to snow, and it was gently floating in the air and rushing towards us as we drove into it.