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sleepy / сонный, заспанный, сонливый
имя прилагательное
sleepy, drowsy, somnolent, dozy, heavy, slumberous
sleepy, drowsy, somnolent, dozy, oscitant
имя прилагательное
needing or ready for sleep.
the wine had made her sleepy
Shopping plazas have sprung up in every imaginable location of this sleepy town.
He sat down beside her, holding her hand as she lay down on the couch, already looking sleepy , yet ready to go back home.
‘I wonder if there's hope out there,’ said Eleto as he stretched and let out a sleepy yawn.
Somehow it manages to slice a clear swath through the thick humidity and sleepy heat of even the hottest day.
The incense had been burning for a while now, and the damp cottage was full of the sleepy , hypnotic smell that goes with magical workings.
I've noticed that whenever someone sits on the comfy couch in the tea room they start yawning and feel sleepy .
From where I sit the book business looks very sleepy indeed.
They did not fail because management was sleepy or arrogant.
She waited and afterwards, she felt tired and sleepy .
Many investors, however, take it upon themselves to give sleepy management a wake-up call.