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sleek / гладкий, холеный, прилизанный
имя прилагательное
smooth, sleek, plain, slick, polished, glassy
sleek, soigne, soigné, well-groomed
sleek, sleeky
наводить лоск
gloss, polish, sleek
smooth, smooth out, flatten, smoothen, smooth away, sleek
smooth, sleek, slick, smarm, smoothen, sleeken
имя прилагательное
(of hair, fur, or skin) smooth and glossy.
he was tall, with sleek, dark hair
make (the hair) smooth and glossy, typically by applying pressure or moisture to it.
her black hair was sleeked down
Real country music has never been about the sleek and the wealthy.
Nicky and Graham Hill, from Wiltshire, were accompanied by two of their salukis - sleek hunting animals bred in the Middle East for thousands of years.
His sleek and glossy facade is something for which he is regularly - and unfairly - criticised in the British press.
It had sleek fur, and whiskers that stretched away from the face.
Red coats on sleek horses are hugely outnumbered by the people who follow in their cars, or on foot.
The light reflecting from the hallway allowed glimpses of the sleek figure beneath.
They are sleek and modern, filled with ethereal light, with clean lines and spare spaces.
He stood up, and a second later a sleek black wolf was beside me.
They're sleek enough to be worn under everyday clothes, moisture-wicking and warm, and flattering for all shapes and sizes.
The wolf looked from the sleek cat to Ellison, whimpered again, then turned and ran past the jaguar, down the corridor and out of sight.