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sledgehammer / кувалда, кузнечный молот, сокрушительный удар
имя существительное
sledgehammer, maul, sledge, beetle, about-sledge
кузнечный молот
sledgehammer, sledge
сокрушительный удар
smashing blow, smash, sledgehammer blow, smasher, hammerblow, sledgehammer
имя прилагательное
crushing, smashing, sledgehammer, knockdown, hammering, slashing
powerful, potent, mighty, heavy, forceful, sledgehammer
имя существительное
a large, heavy hammer used for such jobs as breaking rocks and driving in fence posts.
We succeeded in moving some rocks, breaking up several large ones with sledgehammers before we broke the handles on Dave and Stan's largest hammers.
hit with a sledgehammer.
They had sledgehammered the door and it caved in.
under his sledgehammer direction, anything of subtlety is swamped
His argument isn't funny, though - it's a sledgehammer use of manipulative language to bluff Australians into believing they can't decide against war.
Singing volunteers, and construction workers who said they receive about US $1 a day, now sledgehammer rocks and repair roofs at various monasteries and other old buildings.
The shuttle began rocking, like someone was pounding at it with a sledgehammer .
In both the Filipino and Malayan cases, police and small military unit operations were the rule, not large sledgehammer operations.
Symbolism is present but it doesn't suffer from the sledgehammer subtlety disease with which Hollywood is stricken, rather it serves more as icing on the cake.
This has given him more freedom to come and go as he pleases, and not worry about where he's going and who he's seeing, without having the possibility of a sledgehammer response coming from the homeland.
Of all the guys who have switched uniforms this season, maybe the hardest to get used to will be Lynch, who personified the Bucs' defense with his sledgehammer style.
They had a minimum of significant characters (often zero) and one big sledgehammer theme.
Yet Robbins's mix of pile-driver satire and sledgehammer sentiment crushes this enthusiasm by making one thing appallingly clear: just because you are on the side of the angels, it doesn't mean you are any good.