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sledge / сани, нарты, салазки
имя существительное
sleigh, sledge, sled, toboggan
sled, sledge, sleigh
sled, slide, skid, carriage, sleigh, sledge
имя прилагательное
crushing, smashing, sledgehammer, knockdown, hammering, sledge
ехать на санях
sledge, sleigh, sled
возить на санях
sled, sledge, sleigh
имя существительное
a sledgehammer.
Their guitars hammer away like sledges to anvils while the rhythm section is hot enough to melt steel!
carry (a load or passengers) on a sledge.
the task of sledging lifeboats across tundra
a dog sledge
She has had to pull a 60 lb sledge across 200 miles in sub zero temperatures.
a sledge journey
We walked over to the sledge ride and that's when the armband came in.
To prepare she spent days pulling a loaded sledge along the beach.
Go find a hammer: a claw, a sledge , a ball-peen, whatever's handy.
The four adult and two baby animals will travel down from their home in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland to pull the sledge , laden with toys, around town.
Steel wedges were driven into the fault and hammered with a sledge until the stone separated.
Tea trays, as we all know are ten times better than any sledge or toboggan you can buy in the shops, and have the added advantage of being useful as giant frisbees when the snow melts.
We discovered that as we had gotten older, we'd gotten taller and larger to the point that sitting on a sledge tends to make it sink into the snow rather than fly screaming towards the trees at the bottom.