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sled / сани, санки, салазки
имя существительное
sleigh, sledge, sled, toboggan
sled, sleigh, jumper
sled, slide, skid, carriage, sleigh, sledge
ехать на санях
sledge, sleigh, sled
возить на санях
sled, sledge, sleigh
ride on a sled.
they sledded down the slopes in the frozen snow
It was a common site to see a team of six to eight men pushing and pulling a wooden sled up the hill to deliver artillery ammunition.
His 400-mile trek to the Magnetic North Pole, pulling a 70 kg sled , is planned to take about 30 days.
She threw herself onto the sled and slid down through the fresh snow to the bottom.
We pulled the sled out of the snow and Steve rode it out of there.
Abel travelled by sled to visit his fiancée again in Froland for Christmas 1828.
Another gray sled pulled up, Zeke leaning over the edge.
He uses various instruments to do this, including one that looks like an oversized sled , which is pulled by an all-terrain vehicle or a human when the crop is too tall.
Mr Cooney, who already holds the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, has had to pull a 200 lb sled across the snow and ice.
I forced myself to get up and, with what little strength I had left, began running after the horse and sled .
Zachery, with his usual flair for talking a good game but chickening out when the crunch came, at first refused outright to sled down the hill.