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slaying / убивать, сражать, умерщвлять
kill, murder, slay, slaughter, assassinate, do
slay, strike, cut down, smite, drop, floor
slay, kill, deaden, crucify
имя существительное
the killing of a person or animal.
the slaying of a dragon
kill (a person or animal) in a violent way.
St. George slew the dragon
the slaying of a dragon
a gangland slaying
a gangland slaying
the slaying of a dragon
The national murder figures, which are up by 25 to 784, do not suggest a big surge in knife slayings .
Killen's name has been associated with the 1964 slayings from the outset.
He said Hixson was believed to still have the shotgun allegedly used in the slayings with him.
A 26-year-old man was charged for the brutal slayings .
The Victorian government has never seemed shaken by the slayings .
A handgun used in the slayings was found nearby.