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slay / убивать, сражать, умерщвлять
kill, murder, slay, slaughter, assassinate, do
slay, strike, cut down, smite, drop, floor
slay, kill, deaden, crucify
имя существительное
batten, slay
развал передних колес
kill (a person or animal) in a violent way.
St. George slew the dragon
you slay me, you really do
In certain African tribes, one had to slay a lion to prove one's manhood.
He was killed when his plane was shot down and that only encouraged the Hutu militia to slay Tutsi men, women and children, anywhere they could find them.
you slay me, you really do
They crawled out, brushed one another clean, slid the saloon-pistols down a trouser-leg, and hurried forth to a deep and solitary Devonshire lane in whose flanks a boy might sometimes slay a young rabbit.
It's Saturday night, you want to go to the movies, every single one of them will sort of amuse you but not one of them is going to slay you.
The catchphrase was delivered with a look of saucer-eyed amazement which slayed the studio audience every time.
Dennis Wyness, slayer of Celtic, was the Mike Weir of the round, whipping his colleagues.
Michael Mitchell had a satisfying little existence going until the tragic day his son was slain in a gangland shootout.
Perhaps it is but she failed to justify the claim; measure crime by numbers and communism was a bigger slayer .