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slavish / рабский, рабски покорный, несамостоятельный
имя прилагательное
slave, slavish, servile, thrall
рабски покорный
slavish, non-independent, adjective
имя прилагательное
relating to or characteristic of a slave, typically by behaving in a servile or submissive way.
he noted the slavish, feudal respect they had for her
Bacon emphasized that this ordeal of experiment was to be heroic testing, not the torture of a slavish and submissive victim.
But if he's right, it's a strange situation - slavish adherence to a flawed assumption, which produces an outcome that pleases only one segment of the audience and alienates many.
It shows a society that, white or red, encourages rapacity, self-deception and slavish respect for authority.
But like Saint Augustine, I eventually came to realize the double-minded futility of pretending to exalt Reason while spending my days in slavish service to Kundalini and the lizard brain.
Not only did the agreement go from ‘ignoble’ to ‘long-overdue,’ but the Frist commendation went from muted to slavish .
Divorcing it of its context would strip away much of that heady period glamour to produce a diluted facsimile - even with slavish adherence to the original scripts.
If nothing else, they will get the reader thinking about how they can play the opening in chess in a way that doesn't require a slavish adherence to 10 or 20 moves of opening theory.
Their route to the top 10 was simply via ear-grabbing originality, rather than slavish imitation of current trends.
The Senate Democrats' slavish adherence to the doctrine of feminism has led them to seek to bar adherents to Catholic doctrine from certain judicial posts, in violation of the Constitution.
It is rather pitiful that Cork hospitals are being so slavish in considering following the lead set down by Dublin.